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A Fine-Dine Experience At Ratatouille- By Pepperazzi

A Fine-Dine Experience At Ratatouille- By Pepperazzi Posted on April 7, 201813 Comments

I am a believer, a fighter, a dreamer. I believe nothing is impossible. I am a fashion enthusiast and love to read. I have a strong passion for writing as well. Keep a track on me for your daily dose of magic.

One of the very fine dining places in Ahmedabad, Ratatouille deserves full marks in terms of their very planned, rich and an elite ambiance. Seating arrangement is huge and spacious, and oh man, they truly serve you food in their finest and most impressive cutlery which quite justifies the overall fact that the place is pricey in terms of value for money.

We were welcomed with a personalized note. Such gestures always make a blogger happy and give a personal touch to our presence at the meet. A very elaborative menu of what we were going to be served was also placed at our table.
Coming to the main part, I found a lot of dishes recommend worthy while a few were average and not so outstanding. Have a detailed look-


Pina Berry Colada-

A sweet drink with a balanced taste of pineapple and strawberry can definitely be given a try

Salty Dog-

A drink served in a highball glass with salted rim adding flavor to the grapefruit juice which it is prepared of. Refreshing and worth trying.


Russian Salad-

For all the health freaks, this one bowl would satisfy your appetite. Authentic in taste, diced in vegetables and fruits like pomegranate, carrot, peas etc and dressed in mayonnaise. Underneath the dressing lies a bed of thinly sliced apple pieces.


Mushroom Baklawa-

A crisp savory dish prepared in filo dough with stuffed mushroom sautéed and dressed in a tangy sauce but served with spicy harissa sauce on the side balancing the taste of it. I quite liked it strangely as I am not a mushroom lover altogether.

Mezze Platter-

From the presentation to the items in the platter, everything just made me so happy as I am a die hard Lebanese food lover and well, all the dips- Hummus, Basil Hummus, Sun Dried Tomato Hummus, baba ganoush, tabouleh were served with pita bread, falafel (deep and crisply fried ball). The entire platter was perfectly served. Dips lacked a bit of garlic, could have been stronger in taste. But no regrets. Lebanese lovers would anyway love it.

Thai Spring Roll-

They import oil from out of India and it can be felt in the taste of the majority of dishes such as this one. Worth trying as a safe starter.


Vegetable Garden Fresh Pizza


Found this pizza to be lacking somewhat in taste. Very rare we like pizzas without any cheese and this was one of them. Topped with all possible vegetables, the slice was huge and gets soggy in the center but has crisply baked edges. Can be mostly avoided.



A deep-fried burrito served with Mexican rice. Can be stated as a dry version of Mexican hot pot. Maybe that’s why didn’t work great for me. It is served with two dips.

Sundried Tomato and Goat Cheese Risotto-

An Italian rice dish cooked with vegetables to a creamy consistency. Found this dish very average. nothing outstanding about it.

Multi-grain Khichdi with Raita-

There is this unusual concept of having Khichdi with Raita in the menu of Cafes and even fine dining restaurants. Tbh, I have tried better ones, so didn’t find this very great in taste. Avoidable!

Signature Ratatouille Lasagna-

A unique presentation that made us wonder whether its lasagna or not in the first place. A three-layered lasagna served with garlic bread, I quite liked the taste of this.


Their desserts are a show stealer :-p

Chocolate Creme Brulee Tart-

Do not miss on this one at any cost. It’s towards higher range in price though but the taste is so yum that I fall short of words to even describe. Just makes one dig in this divine thing.

Cream Cheese Brownie

Hard base of chocolate brownie and chilled vanilla ice cream on top with a flower-shaped separation. Tastes similar to an ordinary sizzling brownie but still manages to keep one glued to its beautiful presentation of course and the taste.
Presentation of every food item and drinks was simply mind-blowing. Great effort from the staff to make the visit for customers worthwhile.
Did I forget to mention, that the meet was organized by the youngest food blogger in town, Mahek Suneja? Find her on Instagram- thatfoodhogger. Big thanks to her for organizing the meet at such a fine restaurant and to the staff of the restaurant for all these goodies, arrangements and personal notes!
As usual, here are behind the scenes of the meet-
So, peeps, I am done with all the food display. Haha! I know seeing this post makes you hungry, sorry for that though! But hey do follow my food journey on munchtoomunch, and well, stay happy, eat healthy (irony ALERT), stay positive. Tada!
Lots of Love,
Mini Choudhary

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I am a believer, a fighter, a dreamer. I believe nothing is impossible. I am a fashion enthusiast and love to read. I have a strong passion for writing as well. Keep a track on me for your daily dose of magic.

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