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Few Beauty/Makeup Troubles And Their Quick Solutions For Summers

Few Beauty/Makeup Troubles And Their Quick Solutions For Summers Posted on May 16, 20187 Comments

I am a believer, a fighter, a dreamer. I believe nothing is impossible. I am a fashion enthusiast and love to read. I have a strong passion for writing as well. Keep a track on me for your daily dose of magic.

 Hey everyone! Given the soaring temperature outside, it quite pisses me off to use sunscreens or day creams while leaving home, let alone any makeup product. But what’s essential is essential. Sometimes we have to attend a party and sometimes an important meeting and we must at all times look presentable for a lasting impression. I am not a Beauty guru obviously but I have tried and tested a few remedies that have been very helpful lately so I thought to share them with you peeps. These have quite successfully been my perfect summer beauty/ makeup regime and I hope they would be helpful to you as well. So let’s begin-

1. Prevent Your Kajal From Smudging Due To The Sweat, Heat Or Moisture

Its true kajal is a necessity for so many of us. Neither do I like moving out of the house without it nor do I like the black arcs it creates undereye after few hours due to the moisture or sweat. So I came with a permanent effective solution for it.

After you have applied your kajal as you regularly do, apply a stroke of black powder from your eyeshadow palette. This will give your undereye a subtle smoky look and a matte effect so that you are sorted for the long day ahead.

2. Prevent Your Dark Lipstick From Leaving Stains or Getting Smudged

We’ve all been here, haven’t we? Guilty of leaving lipstick stains on glasses, straw, and mugs while having a drink, and that’s not it. Bold lipsticks just don’t stay the same irrespective of the brand. They do kinda sorta smudge from the outer corner of lips and you come back home late night only to realize your lips have been looking such a mess all this while. But here’s a trick to save you-

After you have applied your lipstick like you regularly do, take a tissue paper, unfold it and place on your lips. Now take some talcum/ baby powder and brush it over your lips on the tissue. Remove the tissue gently. The tissue has absorbed all the excess lipstick that was likely to get smudged later or transfer. You’re now good to go.

3. Prevent Hair From Getting Greasy Too Often In Summers

Another big trouble of summers, oily scalp! So here is a very peculiar solution I find helpful-

Always detangle your hair before you go for the shower or before you get ready for the day. Usually, I have seen people do their hair in the last. I myself used to do that but no more. So first detangle your hair, backcomb them and tie in a bun. This would prevent your hair from coming on the face so that when you apply face cream, sunscreen or bb/cc cream, it does not make your hair oily. Also, don’t move your fingers too often inside your hair. That also causes it to become oily.

On days when you are running late and you don’t have time to wash hair, take some baby powder on your palm and apply it inside your scalp on the top. Flip and shake your hair well. Good to go!

4. Prevent Sun Tanning

You know there are two types of skin- one that can get suntanned and the other that may get sunburnt. Yes! Even I got to know about this after a few research.

While to prevent oneself from getting tanned, it’s very important to apply sunscreens or even lotions that have a good amount of SPF. But even if you end up getting tanned, scrubbing lemon on affected areas is a good home remedy

5. Cure Sun Burn Or Redness/ Itchiness

While those who don’t get tanned but sunburnt, here is the remedy for you-

We all have heard about Aloe vera and its natural properties. Always remember to store it in a cool place or you may also squeeze and store it in ice trays and apply aloe vera ice cubes on the affected areas. I also include aloe vera regularly in my night care regime. After washing face at night and immediately before going to sleep, I apply some aloe vera gel on my face because a) it’s non-greasy- hence great for summers and b) it gives my skin a natural glow the next morning when I wake up.

6. Remove Your Makeup: Face Wipes To The Rescue

Cleansing lotions or coconut oil that are very popular makeup removers tend to make our skin even more oily in summers which may further cause pimples.

Switch to face wipes to remove makeup gently. But as it’s true, it’s not good to remove makeup regularly this way, always, I repeat, always wash your face with a face wash post removal of makeup with the face wipes so that it does not cause harm to your skin. Be gentle with face wipes as they might feel harsh on certain parts of the face like the undereye, etc.

7. Replace Foundations With BB/CC Creams

Summer and foundations shouldn’t go together. Especially if you don’t wanna end up looking like a freshly baked cake straight out from the oven. And it’s almost enough to melt down your makeup with the sweating.

Instead of foundations, switch to BB/CC cream for the minimal coverage.

8. Compact Powder Is A Must

And this is an essence to mattify your makeup, I mean your base so that you don’t end up sweating like a pig.

9. Blush-Blush

Tinted lip balms work as a great blusher too. And don’t underestimate the power of your ring fingertip. Its gentle touch can replace your blush brush because after all, brushes can make skin itchy and irritated in summers.

Gently put some lip balm on the apple of your cheeks in a slightly diagonal direction and with your ring fingertip, blend it in a circular motion. How easy is that?

10. Replace Your Facial Products With Seasonal Fruits

We are all exposed to so much of pollution daily and facial once a while becomes quite mandatory.

But instead of choosing cream-based products, go for face packs prepared from the pulp of certain seasonal fruits like papaya, banana, and tomato juice, etc for good results.

So these are a few solutions to my summer beauty and makeup routine. What are yours? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Mini Choudhary

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I am a believer, a fighter, a dreamer. I believe nothing is impossible. I am a fashion enthusiast and love to read. I have a strong passion for writing as well. Keep a track on me for your daily dose of magic.

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