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Simple Yet Effective Home Remedies For Dealing With Hairfall And Hair Thinning

Simple Yet Effective Home Remedies For Dealing With Hairfall And Hair Thinning Posted on November 7, 20176 Comments

I am a believer, a fighter, a dreamer. I believe nothing is impossible. I am a fashion enthusiast and love to read. I have a strong passion for writing as well. Keep a track on me for your daily dose of magic.

There is no denying of the fact that hair adds to the overall beauty of a girl. If there is one thing which is enough to piss off a girl, it is hair fall and seeing a thick bunch of hair come out on the comb. I remember how my hair were so long and thick back during my school days. Thanks to my mom and her care as she ran after me to massage my hair with oil while I simply made faces because teen life makes you wish to go all fashionable and going school with oily hair was the last thing you wanted back then. So anyway, I grew up, went to another city for graduation and was living on my own, ergo had little or no time for personal care. Mom used to ask if I was regularly oiling my hair and I simply lied *clearing throat*

But as they say, you become wiser with age. I started realizing how foolishly I was ignoring the importance of a hair care routine. My hair started to fall and become thinner day by day. It’s devastating to see hair loss and I knew I have to make it stop. Believe me, no matter what they say in advertisements or put on the product “Prevention of Hair Loss” or “Anti-hair fall” or “Hair Thickening“, what really works is home remedies and not attractive labels. You don’t really need to burn a hole in your pocket to take care of your hair. Here I am sharing a few simple yet super effective remedies to cure hair fall or thinning of hair:-

1. Aloe Vera Gel

Give a good massage with aloe vera gel just after you are done oiling your hair. Two scoops of aloe vera gel is enough to be applied on the scalp. Leave it overnight. Wash hair with your regular shampoo and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. It also helps in making hair smooth and silky.

2. Onion Juice

By far the most effective cure for hair loss is application of onion juice. Apply onion juice on the scalp or more specifically onto the affected area 30-60 minutes before washing hair off with regular shampoo. Do this at least four times in a month for great results.

3. Fenugreek seeds

Do you know mustard and coconut oil are the best oil for hair growth. Heat some mustard oil in a pan and add fenugreek seeds or as called Dana Methi in it. Now let the oil cool a bit so that you don’t hurt your fingers before applying on hair. Leave it overnight or at least for good 1-2 hours before you wash it off with regular shampoo.

4. Curry Leaves

Heat some mustard oil in a pan and add 15-20 curry leaves in it. Now let the solution cool down and then transfer it in a bottle. Apply this hair oil mask every night before washing hair with shampoo in the morning following it. Apply regularly a night before every hair wash for speedy and effective results.

5. Curd Hair Mask

Curd or yogurt is one of the best hair masks for prevention of hair loss and remedy to get shiny and smooth hair. Mix some fenugreek seeds or curry leaves with curd and blend it well in a mixer. Now apply this mask on your hair using fingers or more appropriately with a brush. Now let it stay for at least 1 hour before you wash hair with shampoo.

Note: Always Heat Oil Before Applying- You probably are less aware of the fact that instead of applying oil in its regular temperature, heat it and then apply on hair followed by a good head massage. Results are aww-inspiring.

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I am a believer, a fighter, a dreamer. I believe nothing is impossible. I am a fashion enthusiast and love to read. I have a strong passion for writing as well. Keep a track on me for your daily dose of magic.

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