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Skin Yoga Bloggers Event Proved To Be An Eye-Opener Session | Product Review

Skin Yoga Bloggers Event Proved To Be An Eye-Opener Session | Product Review Posted on September 28, 2018Leave a comment

I am a believer, a fighter, a dreamer. I believe nothing is impossible. I am a fashion enthusiast and love to read. I have a strong passion for writing as well. Keep a track on me for your daily dose of magic.

And when I say an “Eye-opener session”, I mean not being blinded anymore by high-end, imported and big-celeb-face endorsing the products. My mom used to constantly yell at me for being carried away by these advertisements and she has always emphasised on natural beauty and natural skin care products. We, children, on the other hand, usually take their advises for granted until we’re notified by “someone else”.

Hello peeps! I take it as a prerogative to let my lovely readers take as much inspiration from my blogs whether it’s related to lifestyle, fashion, food or beauty. Recently, I was invited to a bloggers event organised by Skin Yoga, a brand of three sisters. This brand, as they claim, is 100% vegan and natural.

So as we began, one of the founders from Skin Yoga, Radhika, was there to guide us through their products and not just that, we even spoke of lifestyle, healthy ways of living and natural ways of curing skin and health-related problems. Okay, tell me honestly how many times we succumb to purchasing a newly launched product by XYZ Brand for the fact that it is being promoted by a big-known celebrity or sometimes for the heck of it. I know I am #guiltyascharged

As we moved on, they got us to try a few of their face masks based on our skin type. Most of us had combination skin, so we tried the Almond Orange Face Mask. A few others that had Acne-prone skin tried out the green tea mask. In fact, one can multi-maskĀ at the same time. For someone with dark circles but the combination skin type can apply a bit of green tea mask under the eye and almond orange mask on rest of the areas.

Here Are A few Eye-Popping Facts About Their Masks

  • The best part about these masks is they are in powder form. Now just like you, I felt how does that make a difference but it does. Radhika explained to us with a great example- “How long can you use the flour dough”, “A day”, we replied! That’s exactly how we don’t realise but cream-based products that have water in it usually lose their shelf life way before we even realise and therefore are causing more harm to us than we can imagine. So to use and activate these masks, one can take a spoonful of these and add water to it as it gets thickened into a paste-like consistency. Now, it is good to apply on your face.
  • Another awesome fact about these masks is the packaging which comes in a glass jar. Usually, most of our products are in plastic packagings and plastic as we may or may not know, slightly melts and goes into our skin and therefore into our body, making it toxic for us to expose ourselves to such products.
  • Last but not the least is the fun and weird fact but first let me ask you- Can you eat your skincare? Sounds strange, but unknowingly what we apply on our skin, penetrates within our body and therefore these products by skin yoga are even edible. Their mantra is “If you can’t eat your skin care, you shouldn’t apply it on your skin”

To shop or have a look at their products and it’s ingredients click here

Another, almost my most favourite product now in my vanity is their Face Oil. Firstly, it is absolutely natural with just 3 ingredients- coconut oil, orange and ginger. Already been applying it from 4-5 days as a night serum and it does give you a great glow the next morning, I can vouch for that. It is great for all skin types and is a one-shot solution for all face related problems- as they claim it to be.

TIP: Once, while I was headed to an event, I used the skin yoga face oil as a highlighter and it did a great job.

Check out the highlights: “SkinYoga” on my Instagram profile to see me applying and reviewing the products one by one.

Alright, so they also provided us with a few products samples to try at home. Last Sunday as I was awaiting a self-pampering session from quite some time, I tried the coffee body scrub and green tea mask.

  • Coffee Body scrub would definitely make you drool for some strong coffee post application, I bet. It smells a-mazing of course and another amazing part is that it’s so moisturising on its own that you quite don’t need to apply any lotion after the shower.
  • Green tea mask as they said can be used once a week for non-acne prone skins that have slightest breakouts. I honestly had no “instant” effect so no comments for that though I am sure the acne-prone skin can be benefitted with it if applied regularly as it doesn’t have any side effect (having totes natural ingredients).

TIP: I’d recommend you to go for their Corporate Gift which has miniatures of eight of their products and quite a steal deal so that you get to know what really works for you the best.

Last thoughts I would like to conclude it with is don’t indulge in any skin care product (specifically those which you apply daily on your skin) without digging deep into its ingredients. Chemical based products surely would benefit you short-term but in long run, its repercussions may make you age quicker than you imagined.

DISCLAIMER: Skin Yoga didn’t pay me anything for this post. So if it is up on the blog, it sure has inspired me. Furthermore, I am going to use the face oil on a regular basis now, see and update you on how it has been treating me with its natural properties.

Until I come up with some other exciting blog,


Mini Choudhary



I am a believer, a fighter, a dreamer. I believe nothing is impossible. I am a fashion enthusiast and love to read. I have a strong passion for writing as well. Keep a track on me for your daily dose of magic.

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