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Try Out The Winter Menu At The Kettlery Cafe While Shopping At Alpha One Mall

Try Out The Winter Menu At The Kettlery Cafe While Shopping At Alpha One Mall Posted on January 8, 20193 Comments

I am a believer, a fighter, a dreamer. I believe nothing is impossible. I am a fashion enthusiast and love to read. I have a strong passion for writing as well. Keep a track on me for your daily dose of magic.

It is the most peculiar feeling as I haven’t experienced such a cool and windy atmosphere before in Ahmedabad. Yes, for the very first time in my three years stay in the city, I can finally feel winters here! Also, it’s January which means it is the end of season sale going on and what else can give us happiness than shopping our hearts out at our most favourite brands in the sale period. Speaking of happiness, there is something we all crave for during the winters and that is the exceptionally and locally grown winter food, right? So, what if I tell you that you can experience good winter food amidst your shopping carnival at one of your favourite malls- The Alpha One in Ahmedabad. Yes! The Kettlery cafe on the third floor of Alpha One Mall has heard your need for some yummy winter delicacies and have come up with a very precise winter menu. So people, what are you waiting for? Go indulge in some amazing winter treats while you shop around at the mall. Here’s a quick recommendation of what you can try at their cafe, so have a look-


I am neither a chai or a coffee addict but I tried Tiramisu Latte at the cafe. After all, one really can’t resist a piping hot cup of latte in the winters, can you? The hints of creamy mascarpone with whipped cream and dusted with rich cocoa powder was a great start to the brunch. If you’re a chai lover, they do have varieties of tea to offer you which also justifies the name of the cafe. They have a retail section so chai lovers, do check out for some amazing takeaways and gifting options.Rs. 200/-

Moving on, their head chef introduced these three ingredients to me which they use majorly in their winter dishes. Starting from the left- ponk, haldi or turmeric as you say (which though looks like ginger in shape) and lilua.

Haldi Ki Rassam

This one’s a perfect blend of turmeric into the tomato rasam. Feels absolutely amazing and I bet you can’t resist sipping it joyously to get relief from the winter chills. This reminded me of the tomato soup that my mom makes whenever I am in my hometown. It was so close to that taste and I couldn’t be happier.

Rs. 200/-

Matar Masti

These croquettes were a deep fried preparation served with tomato salsa. It contains peas, cheese and green chilli as fillings and the croquettes are coated with cornflakes before deep frying to add crispiness that indeed enhanced the taste of it. The good part is that neither the fillings are excessively loaded inside of it but filled minimally, nor the croquettes are too oily which make it a light appetizer.

Rs. 250/-

Winter Bean Hummus

Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of their hummus as it lacked the taste of garlic on major levels. Their hummus is prepared with green peas, lilua and garlic as winter ingredients and of course the chickpeas.

Rs. 250/-

Ponk ni Videshi Bhel

Now, ponk is a Gujarati snack made from tenderly roasted sorghum grains mixed with other products such as sev.

Here at the Kettlery Cafe, they mix it up with the Indian chutneys and well also give it a Mexican touch by adding Jalapeño, cherry tomatoes and Black olives. Finally to enhance the flavour they put some Nachos to give the feel of Papri. What an interesting fusion dish, isn’t it? This was undoubtedly my favourite among all the dishes and is definitely worth trying.

Rs. 250/-

Masala Pulav

Something as basic as masala pulav needs no introduction. It contains lilva beans as a winter ingredient and is served with Vegetable raita.

Rs. 350/-

Undhiyo Pasta

Pasta must have never thought something as so traditional could be done to it. Quite a fusion dish wherein an Italian dish is given a Gujarati twist by adding Undhiyo masala and tossing it with traditional veggies like peas and lilua. I’d say it wasn’t a bad try after all. In fact, this can inspire you to prepare it yourself at home and impress your Gujju guests with such a fusion recipe.

Rs. 350/-

Sakhariya Burger

This burger is prepared with a fresh layer of lettuce and sliced tomatoes. A giant patty in the middle is prepared with sweet potatoes which brings so much flavour to the burger. Finally, a cheese slice is added that completes the burger which indeed is a huge piece but feels so light. It is served with some french fries and a dip.

Rs. 350/-

Ponk and Hara Lehsun Khichdi

Is a winter meal ever complete without Khichdi? Nah! The one they prepare here is again made using ponk and green garlic. Tastes really yummy when mixed with the raita that they serve along. The best part is, instead of regular papad which we eat with Khichdi, they have used fried potato chips as a topping which adds the crisp element to it.

Rs. 350/-

Gajar ka Halwa with Icecream

And so they asked me initially when I had just reached their cafe for the tasting session that what’s my favourite memory associated with winter food and I said, “eating my mom’s hand-cooked Gajar ka halwa.” So, I was too excited to see this one as the dessert to end the meal with. It was piping hot and freshly prepared with adequate sweetness. For the fire and ice feel, they added a scoop of Vanilla Icecream which did so much justice in complimenting well with the Halwa.

Rs. 180/-

So, concluding with these top reasons to try the winter cuisine here-

  • It is located at Alpha One Mall so one can skip the worry of mid-shopping hunger as obviously, you don’t need any hindrance while binge shopping this End of Season sale.
  • The Winter menu is curated using locally grown food which is always healthy and nutritious.
  • The food is so light and fulfilling as well.
  • You can try a few “never tried before” fusion dishes and you’d be glad to even get inspired to try cooking them at home as well.
  • Since their outlet also provides tea for purchase, it being a retail shop also, one can buy all kinds of tea. Especially if you’re a tea lover, they have around 80 varieties for you to choose from. Even have certain tea sets and gifting options available.

The only negative aspect I found was the pricing in comparison to the portion sizes. As the ingredients and veggies are all locally grown, one might wonder about the justification vis-à-vis the pricing.

So that brings me to the end of this post. Happy Shopping and Winter Binge Eating guys. Eat local because it’s really healthy. Don’t fret putting a good amount of ghee in your winter dishes. It adds flavour to the food, brings the glow to your skin and it doesn’t make you fat- Yes!

Until next time,


Mini Choudhary

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I am a believer, a fighter, a dreamer. I believe nothing is impossible. I am a fashion enthusiast and love to read. I have a strong passion for writing as well. Keep a track on me for your daily dose of magic.

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