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Web Series That You Need To Watch Right Away!

Web Series That You Need To Watch Right Away! Posted on August 12, 20181 Comment

I am a believer, a fighter, a dreamer. I believe nothing is impossible. I am a fashion enthusiast and love to read. I have a strong passion for writing as well. Keep a track on me for your daily dose of magic.


If the saying that goes like “Everything has it’s own time” holds true, then Web series is the rage today. It’s raining web series everywhere and I can’t deny but accept, it’s my most favorite season. I mean who doesn’t like coming home from work and then treating your tired selves with a hot bowl of Maggi and getting curled up in bed with the laptop and binge-watching web series for hours. Clearly, my most favorite way to turn a dull weekend into an exciting one. What about you?

Jumping straight to the deal which is why you are here, following are a few of my favorite web series which I have/have been binge watched/ing recently (Checkout, how many have you ticked off the list already)

Yeh Meri Family

We all miss our childhood, don’t we? And amidst growing up and surviving this competitive life, running throughout the day and working our butt’s off, we have lost the smell of our childhood somewhere. Didn’t realize when we grew up! So 90s kids, this one’s for us all. Can’t find the right adjectives to describe the nostalgia this TVF series had over me. It gave me so many “lump in my throat” moments and all I can say is, I terribly miss the summer vacations during school. Every scene took me back down the memory lane. If you’ve already watched the series, comment down below which kid were you? I could definitely relate to Harshu’s character as I was the notorious child just how all younger siblings are, aren’t they?

Girl In The City

Mithila Palkar, the girl who has now even got a break in Bollywood opposite Irrfan Khan had gained so much popularity and love with this series. It is the third season currently on air. Right from the first season, this girl was so real in her character. I for sure feel rejuvenated to see her character face daily challenges that a new city, job and people surrounding throw at her. She makes me feel, “I am not the only one” practically with every “why this only happens with me” moment. I feel her impatience to make it big in life yet taking those baby steps every day towards her dream. Wishing her all the luck for her new movie “Karwaan” and this web series.

Engineering Girls

I am Not an Engineering girl and so I was like I won’t even relate to it but my love for this lovely YouTuber Sejal Kumar drew me to watch at least the first episode and I ended up binging all the episodes. And so if you are living or have ever lived hostel life in college, you have to watch it for the sake of your good hostel memories. The hostel birthdays, convincing warden mam for the party, the fear of attendance, late submission of assignments and the miscommunication between friends that end up turning into ugly fights, we have all done that and been there. Haven’t we?

The Reunion

School friends are our first friends. Parting ways after school and finding our way through life, we often lose contact with so many of them. And when a reunion is on the cards, it does get a bit awkward to formally meet your friends who back then were your life. And there is so much you learn about them again, things that have never changed and how they have grown as a person. Some are married, some even have kids and some have made it big in their career. This web series is a reality check on how most of us complain about friendship when in fact we ourselves don’t make enough time for each other.


Yes, guys! It’s officially a “status” now! Don’t believe me? Try being an independent working woman who has crossed 25. No kidding there! This Popxo web series is mostly about the emotional punches they throw at the end of each episode and turns out, they are relatable as hell. But it’s not just limited to that. It’s about how an independent girl who has left her job for a startup is ditched by her co-founder (a male) who couldn’t deal with the “unmarried” status and needs a well-settled job back in life to please his prospective bride’s side that he makes a decent amount for a living. But this girl, oh boy, it’s not even pleasant for her to attend and answer her parent’s calls who are simply pressurizing her to get married so that they can shut the mouth of random people (who hey, don’t even matter in her life).

The Trip

Must you’ve watched the classic Hollywood movie “Hangover”? This web series is actually kinda sorta Hindi and female version of “Hangover” and so much fun. How four girlfriends take on a road trip to Bangkok because one of them is hitched and how so many twists and turns unfold as there “Trip” becomes so much more¬†dramatic. I am super excited that they have begun the “season 2” shoot and literally can’t wait for it to go air.


This one’s a very light-hearted web series that revolves around the lives of two flatmates who live in Mumbai (as in Bambai- the city of dreams) and reflect a bit of every independent girl staying in a flat and how they deal with the daily challenges of finding a flat, to shifting in it and living together as a family. The cab life, the work life, I could relate so much to this series yet again.


This one’s another hilarious series on flat life, how three girls live together as flatmates and deal with the daily drama of this “home away from home” life! From celebrating a festival away from home, dealing with a broken fridge to finding a¬†new roomie this one is another extremely relatable web series. How crazy is flat life and how even crazier are flatmates? Every flatmate is a certain type, aren’t they? The second season is currently on air and it is a super short and fun Girlyapa’s web series which can make your time fly easily. I just finished watching the two episodes of Season 2 and both of them were so apt to my current life situation.

Malini’s Girl Tribe

Well, this one’s not exactly a fictional web series but it’s about real life strong women celebrities who come on the show, have a conversation with Miss Malini about certain influential and crucial topics and I have been loving every episode so far. It’s empowering, a radical approach to address and think of such issues which otherwise are “just existing”.

So people! Let me know in the comments which web series are you currently watching and which ones are your favorite? Did I miss your favorite one? Tell me about it and we can exchange good ideas and recommendations. Enjoy your weekend guys and,

Until next time,


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I am a believer, a fighter, a dreamer. I believe nothing is impossible. I am a fashion enthusiast and love to read. I have a strong passion for writing as well. Keep a track on me for your daily dose of magic.

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